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Express Hajj Packages – Medina First (No Building)

Express Hajj Package #2 Medina First (No Building)
starts from $10,500

‘NY: August 01/02 – August 15/16, Washington: August 01/02 – August 15/16. 

  Accomodation :

  • 4 days in Elaf Grand Al Majeedi (5 Stars) – Madinah
  • 4 days in Swissotel Makkah (5 Stars) – Makkah
  • 1 day in Alansar Mena Camp (in Front Of Jamarat)- Mena
  • 1 day in Alansar VIP Camp- Arafat Camp
  • Private Al Ansar Space in Muzdalifa with Hot Dinner
  • 3 days in Alansar Mena Camp (in Front Of Jamarat)- Mena
  • 1 day in Hotel (5 Stars) – Jeddah

Optional Services Available

  • $3,000 / Per Person Business Class Upgrade – Saudi Airlines Deadline for upgrade (July. 01)


  • Washington DC- Medina -Washington DC (Saudi Airline)
    Departure Aug 01/02, Return Aug 15/16
  • New York – Medina – New York (Saudi Airline or Egypt Air)
    Departure Aug 01/02, Return Aug 15/16

Included in the package

  • Round Trip airfare from Washington Dc or New York to Medina .
  • 4 days accommodation at Elaf Grand Al Majeedi (5 Stars) in Madinah from 1st of  Zil ul-Hajj to the 04th of  Zil ul Hajj.
  • One way by private air-conditioned bus MED-MAK
  • 4 days accommodation in Swissotel Hotel (5 Stars) from the 4th of Zil ul-Hajj to the 8th of  Zil ul Hajj
  • Open buffet breakfast and dinner in both Madinah and Makkah hotels
  • Mena and Arafat accommodation in air-conditioned tents (facing Jamarat) open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks, fresh fruits and refreshments available 24 hours
  • Private Al Ansar Space in Muzdalifa with Hot Dinner
  • One night in Jeddah before departure to USA with breakfast & dinner
  • New models private air-conditioned buses for the 5 days of Hajj
  • Upgraded Mena Camp next to Jamarat Al Kubra (US Momayaz camp)

Mandatory Services

  • Hajj fee $450 /Per Person
  • Hajj Taxes 5% VAT + 5% Municipal required by Saudi government $325 /Per Person
  • Zabiha/Qurbani (Sacrifice) $140 /Per Person

Complimentary Items

  • Ihram for male pilgrims
  • prayer rugs for female pilgrims
  • Al Ansar backpack for convenience and use during Manasik of Hajj
  • Al Ansar drawstring shoe bag
  • 5 liter packed ZamZam water to bring home to family and loved ones

Accommodation Arrangement Options

This package allows rooming. This means, you can book a bed in a shared room. This can reduce your cost as you’ll only pay for a portion of the room. Let us know how many of your group will occupy the room.

  • Quad Room  (4 people per room) $10,500 / person
  • Triple Room (3 people per room) $11,200 / person
  • Double Room (2 people per room) $12,200 / person


(as on passport)

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Refund Policy

All refund will take min. of 3 weeks to 6 weeks. A refund can be refused if the following conditions are met.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides utmost protection against unseen medical and non-medical emergencies.


Special Care

All single Women’s going to Hajj or Medina Packeage add $500 for special handling and care.


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